SAIEE Power and Energy Section Nuclear Chapter

Launch : SAIEE Power and Energy Section Nuclear Chapter

The SAIEE is launching the SAIEE Power and Energy Section Nuclear Chapter : 5 September 2019 at SAIEE House, Observatory, Johannesburg. The event is all-day and will take place in the Council Chambers, with the theme Taking Stock of South Africa’s Experiences in Nuclear Science, Engineering and Technology”. The Nuclear Chapter will integrate and Develop South Africa’s Nuclear Capabilities as Part Contribution to South Africa’s National Development Plan and promote Jobs, Sustainable and Resilient National Development, Economic Prosperity for All and Scientific Growth of the Country. An outcome of the days discussions will be a book which reflects the status of the nuclear energy related matters in the country.

The Agenda follows :

07:30          Registration and Breakfast

09:00          Safety Briefing

Welcome Address         President of SAIEE: Mr. George Debbo

09:30         Introduction to the Power and Energy Section   Chair: Ms Scebile Ntombela

09:45          Introduction to the Nuclear Chapter  Chair: Mr. Dave Nicholls

10:00          Taking Stock: South African Nuclear Technology

  • Early Years 1940s-1960s
  • Pelindaba & UCOR 1970s-1990s
  • SAFARI-1 1960s-Present
  • OSCAR: Reactor Operations and Design
  • Radioactive Waste Management

11:00         Taking Stock: South African Nuclear Science

  • Nuclear Science related training.
  • Research in Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Physics and Applied Nuclear Science, Engineering and Technology.
  • Innovation

12:00      Taking Stock : South African Nuclear Medicine 

  • iThemba Labs Radiation Therapy & Isotope Production
  • NECSA Medical Isotope Production

13:00          Lunch/Snacks/Teas and Coffees

14:00          Taking Stock: South African Nuclear Power

  • Koeberg, History and Life Extension
  • Nuclear-1 Project and Lessons Learnt
  • PBMR Project, History and Status

15:00         Taking Stock: Global Developments in Nuclear Technologies

  • Gen III Design Development and Deployment
  • Gen IV and Small Modular Reactors Design Status and Prospects
  • Nuclear Fusion – still 30 years in the future?
  • CERN Programme and technology transfer

15:30          South Africa’s Challenges & Opportunities

  • Potential Energy Crisis by 2030
  • Low Carbon Baseload Energy
  • Flexible Operation to support Renewable Energy
  • Distributed Generation/Municipal Power Stations

16:30          Closure:  Way Forward, Next Steps, Working Groups, Task Teams, Chapter Sub Committees, etc

18:00          Cocktails



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