NEXUS - Green Economy Sector - Energy-Water-Food-Waste Research Group

Energy enables the water, food and waste sectors. The energy must be clean, green, cheap, reliable, secure and available. This means an energy mix, founded on a nuclear base which then enables renewables. The energy supply modules are packaged to be grid and usage appropriate. The grid is smart. Energy can also be process heat, for desalination or synthetic fuel production. Clean water is produced by nature, or by using energy where necessary, and then delivered by a water-grid, analogous to the energy grid. Energy and water projects are modern and exhibit 4IR innovations. Food production and waste processing are enhanced by engineering principles, from project management to 4IR principles. The entire package is wrapped with research, innovation, new undergraduate and short learning programme courses, postgraduate training, building the local research infrastructure and commercialisation.


Innovation, Engineering, Business and Commercialisation

Ubuntu Reactors

High Performance Computing and Simulation


Deploying NASA's 1-10 kW  reactors

The Water Grid

A water grid to end of the water crisis, powered by green energy

The Energy grid

Modular generation - matching supply to load and infrastructure


4IR enabled small scale farming

Safety, efficiency

Fibre optic based reactor in-core sensing

The hydrogen economy

Hydrogen as energy carrier
Image credit


Advanced High Temperature Small Modular Reactor Design

Abundant protein

4IR in fish farming


Desalination, purification, waste treatment

Capacity Development

Human Capacity Development : SLPs, CPD activities, Post grad development, Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, Tutorials